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For the uplift of the poor and for the loving care of children

19, Karur Road, Dindigul, Tamilnadu, S-India, PIN.No:624001

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About the Orphanage


Anbarasi Orphanage is located just 100 metres from the State Highway , 500 metres fromthe National Highway (NH-47 - Chennai-Kanyakumari Road) and 3 Kms from Dindigul town.


The Orphanage was started way back in 1974 by Fr. Mariadasan. The initial strength of the Orphanage was 45 children. Over the years it went on increasing. And the present strength is 103 children. After the death of Fr. Mariadasan, its management is with Ms. Josephine (an aged woman). She is from Kerala. Initially it was supported by one Help Organization by Fr.Mariadasan’s Friends from London. This help stopped after the demise of Fr. Mariadasan. The institution, even though it was initiated by a Christian Priest, it never had any association with the Church. It is run on secular lines.

LEGAL STATUS: It is registered under the Societies’ Registration Act., Income Tax Act and also under FCRA. There are a total of 19 members. And the Managing Committee consists of 8 members who normally meet twice in a month. Most of the members are working for the nearby Mill factories.


A) Children:

There are 110 children in the age group of 5 years to 18 years. Both boys and girls are taken care of in the same building which is quite spacious and is a bit old. However, the building is not sufficient for such a big number of children. There are 20 rooms and two halls-cum-dormitories. The children sleep on the ground by spreading straw mats. Each child has an small trunk to keep her or his belongings. More than 57 children are orphans & Semi orphans. And the remaining are destitute poor. All the 103 children stay in the Anbarasi home and are provided total integrated care of accommodation, food, clothing, health care, education and all the other related facilities for the healthy growth and development of a child. Boys stay on the first floor in 10 rooms and one hall. And girls stay on the ground floor in 10 rooms along with warden and two assistants.

B) Schooling:

They go to 7 different schools. All these schools are Tamil-medium schools. These are located at various places within a distance of 7 Kms. We don’t have any vehicle of our own, but we have engaged a Van. And most of the children are transported to school by this one Van.

C) Personnel:

Here are 8 full time female staff offering 24 hour care to the children. And one male staff attending the office work from 10 AM to 5 PM. Also supported by 3 volunteers who come regularly to the Orphanage to assist the Staff. Further, many of the Managing Committee members are also providing their services as and when required. And the Secretary Mr. Gothandapani is there everyday in the afternoon to help in the management.

D) Food:

Food for the children is cooked in the premises by a lady cook. And she is assisted also by other staff. During the school days, they get free mid-day meals in the school. Often, they get the food from donors, marriage and other functions. As for the purchase of food provisions, they buy the needed commodities from the Public & Friends.

E) Infrastructure:

The premises are quite spacious. The building is quite old. It is not a planned building, but has grown over the years to respond to the immediate needs of the time as these arose. Here is sufficient space in and around the building. The total area is around 4.5 acres. There are playgrounds for children to play and there is sufficient place for creating more facilities for children.

Documentation & Maintenance of Records:

The Organization maintains proper records such as Accounts Books which are duly audited by a Chartered Accountant.


Anbarasi Orphanage has no assured regular source of income. It depends entirely on the donations from the public mobilized mainly by the Governing Board members who are working in Mill factories in and around Dindigul. The Management has not given any thought on how to ensure sustainability of this noble cause in the long run. There appears to be lot of goodwill for this Work from the public nearby. The institution doesn’t have any fixed assets of great value other than the land and the building.


Anbarasi Orphanage

19, Karur Road, Dindigul, Tamilnadu,

S-India, PIN.No:624001

PH ; 0451 – 2430536 , 98421 57280

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